We will work with the content you have, or create new images and content based on your submissions.

We will first determine your requirements, and needs based on questions we will ask you.

We can create a strategy to let everyone know the services or products you offer, in order to generate positive traffic.

Whether you need a mobile site, or actual mobile APP, we can get you started, and/or pointed in the right direction.

A positive Social Media presence is required in most cases, but with so many options, making the right choice(s) can save you a lot of time and $$$.

A lot of marketing is free, it is just nkowing how to do it, where to go, but this can take months to build. Proper marketing using paid methods can save a lot of time if done correctly.

The Process

We will work either based on your current site, and recommend a redesign, and a couple possibilities of the best way to move forward. Or if you already have a few other sites in mind, that you would like to model your site after, we can work towards that goal as well. If you don't have a web site yet, we can start from scratch, as detailed below, based on your requirements and needs.

The way we work

We start by requesting some details from you, to try to scope out what you really need in terms of pages, type of site, if you will be updating pages or if we will maintain your content. After an initial consulation, or email question and answer period, we will get a better idea of what is really needed and the direction you want to go. Then we will be able to let you know the time frame and approximate costs.

Our mission

We try to keep costs reasonable, so that you can have a positive web experience, and so that you refer us. We will keep you in the loop, we just ask that you respond to our questions the best and most timely that you can.
We love keeping our customers happy, so that we get referals and new business mainly by word of mouth.
If you ask us a question, you will get a quick, timely, customer friendly response. By you responding to our questions just as quickly, this will help the progress/process, this helps keep our costs down, for you.
Ready to see what we can do for you?

For SEO purposes, remember to have Social Media accounts at least on FaceBook and Pinterest, plus if you have a bit more time, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn as well. Utilizing all of this along with keeping your content updated and fresh, at least weekly, will keep your users coming back, and help in increasing your SEO, along with the tweaking of text and content while monitoring your sites Analytics. Don't forget to market your site as well. We can also help with that!